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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlollipoplol‧li‧pop /ˈlɒlipɒp $ ˈlɑːlipɑːp/ noun [countable]  suck.jpg DFFa hard sweet made of boiled sugar on a stick syn lolly British English
Examples from the Corpus
lollipopI knew something was amiss when the driver paid $ 8 for a lollipop.It was a lollipop still in its wrapping.Billy thrust it into the vat, turned it around and around, making a gooey lollipop.Mr. Waddicar the caretaker was hobbling across the landing, like an old lollipop man frustrating traffic.Not only celebrated with military parades but processions of allegedly joyful workers armed with festive balloons like oversized lollipops.He says the crossing patrol has poor visibility because of parked cars and the lollipop lady has to weave in between stationary vehicles.If he chose to be asleep when the lollipops were handed round, that was his lookout.