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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnoodlenoo‧dle /ˈnuːdl/ noun  [usually plural]DFF a long thin piece of food made from a mixture of flour, water, and eggs, usually cooked in soup or boiling water Serve the meat with rice or noodles.
Examples from the Corpus
noodleShe would remind Froggy of it the next time he ragged her for a noodle.You can't go wrong with anything shaped like a noodle.On entering the parish hall, he was surprised to smell the unmistakable odor of chicken noodle soup.chicken noodle soupCook noodles, a small handful at a time, in oil.Serve on a bed of noodles or rice, and dress with a little sesame oil.This super crunchy coating turns out to be ultra-skinny noodles.It was noodles flavoured with flakes of dried tuna from Miyako.Just use your noodle.