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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoatmealoat‧meal /ˈəʊtmiːl $ ˈoʊt-/ noun [uncountable]  1 DF British English crushed oats used in cooking, especially for making biscuits or porridge2 American EnglishDFF a soft breakfast food made by boiling crushed oats syn porridge British English3 a light brown colour
Examples from the Corpus
oatmealThe grits are good too, as mild as oatmeal, but buttery, and full of body.The walls were stippled with some kind of wartime stucco that had the texture of dried oatmeal.For her Christmas dinner Ellen brought her a bowl of oatmeal gruel.Standing, I sample a bowl of oatmeal.He was of medium height and was wearing a baggy and very creased cotton suit the colour of oatmeal.Like cream on top of oatmeal, these layers have resisted homogenization throughout their long history.Serve in whiskey tumblers, topped with remaining oatmeal.She ate something, gave Ollie some oatmeal and softened toast, cleaned him up, washed her face and hands.