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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpapayapa‧pa‧ya /pəˈpaɪə/ noun [countable]  papaya.jpg DFFthe large yellow-green fruit of a tropical tree
Examples from the Corpus
papayaCoconut palms, bananas and papayas shade the edge.Real bananas and papayas are found on the west side of the Waimanu Valley.Other tropical fruits such as mangoes and papaya could be next for the treatment.We went for frozen yogurt and papaya shakes across the street, at a health-food restaurant.I don't drink any alcohol but I love papaya juice and drink tons of mineral water.The snake soup and the duck-and-mushroom broth in hollowed-out papaya are delicious.Standard fare is available: bacon and eggs, toast, fresh fruit ranging from kiwi to papaya and crusty croissants.Rates range from $ 65 to $ 95 and include a tropical breakfast with papayas right off the tree.