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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpaprikapap‧ri‧ka /ˈpæprɪkə, pəˈpriːkə $ pəˈpriːkə/ noun [uncountable]  paprika.jpg DFFa red powder made from a type of sweet pepper, used for giving a slightly hot taste to meat and other food
Examples from the Corpus
paprikaAdd white pepper and paprika, Corn Flakes or bread crumbs, parsley and whole egg and egg whites.Pimientos become paprika when dried and finely ground.Add the tomatoes and their liquid, the chicken broth, green chilies, paprika, cayenne and cumin.Method: Rub meat in flour, paprika and seasoning, brown, put in dish.Season with a little paprika and cayenne pepper.Spoon into the choux buns and sprinkle with paprika.Sprinkled with paprika so they have a nice color.Quick beef stroganoff 1 Sprinkle the steak with paprika and seasoning.