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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpastrypas‧try /ˈpeɪstri/ ●●○ noun (plural pastries)  1 apple_pie.jpg [uncountable]DF a mixture of flour, butter, and milk or water, used to make the outer part of baked foods such as pies2 [countable]DFF a small sweet cake, made using pastry a Danish pastry
Examples from the Corpus
pastryShe's been a pastry chef, a whorehouse receptionist, and a proofreader on Wall Street.Another went to the bakery warehouse, loaded her car, and created a pastry sculpture in the middle of her kitchen.They were, however, likely to stop, sit down and relax at 4 p. m. with tea and pastry.Beat egg, use to brush pastry.There are cheesecakes, mousses, cookies, pastries, fruits.But it was a dismal moment for the pastry shop that Majed Makhoul had opened two months earlier in Qlaia.Sidacai had already devoured half of the pastries on the plate.Use three-quarters of the pastry to line the basin.