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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpecanpe‧can /pɪˈkæn, ˈpiːkən $ pɪˈkɑːn, pɪˈkæn/ noun [countable]  DFFHBPa long thin sweet nut with a dark red shell, or the tree that it grows on
Examples from the Corpus
pecanpecan pieThe taste itself is autumnal, earthy, like that of a pecan or walnut.Its pecan pie enjoys some renown in these here parts as well.Bananas, tacos, onions, pecans surrounded him.Toast walnuts or pecans and sprinkle over your favorite salad.Time to toast a few nuts, particularly some pecans with vanilla coating.I too enjoyed the pecans at the fair many years ago.The pecans it bore were small, but reportedly quite flavorful.Sprinkle with pecan halves and drizzle salad and pheasant meat with citrus cream.