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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpomegranatepom‧e‧gran‧ate /ˈpɒməɡrænət $ ˈpɑːmə-/ noun [countable]  pomegranate.jpg DFFa round fruit that has a lot of small juicy red seeds that you can eat and a thick reddish skin
Examples from the Corpus
pomegranateVines and almonds, lemons and oranges, pomegranates and sugar.One day I bought six pomegranates on the way home - imagine it, six!Faster now, the tiles sharp-edged under her heels, Chesarynth turned outwards between the pomegranate trees, the larkspur.Myth also links the pomegranate to Dionysos.The balcony is frail and higher than you thought but looks down on the unchanged saffron flowers of the pomegranate tree.