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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrasherrash‧er /ˈræʃə $ -er/ noun [countable] British English  DFFa thin piece of bacon or hamrasher of a rasher of baconsee thesaurus at piece
Examples from the Corpus
rasherCover the sausage completely, then wrap around with a bacon rasher.But she couldn't live on satsumas and the last of the bacon rashers until after Christmas.Stretch the bacon rashers using the back of a knife.Line a terrine with bacon rashers leaving an overlap for the top.Others chased rashers round the plate with a vague air of disenchantment.I sampled the oak-smoked back - quite the most succulent, aromatic and potentially habit-forming rasher I have ever had.Emily Mahon stood in front of the gas cooker and grilled the ten rashers that she served every morning except Friday.