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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishraspberryrasp‧ber‧ry /ˈrɑːzbəri $ ˈræzberi/ ●●● S3 noun (plural raspberries) [countable]  1 raspberries.jpg DFFHBPa soft sweet red berry, or the bush that this berry grows on a bowl of fresh raspberries raspberry jam2 informalCRUDE/IMPOLITE a rude sound that you make by putting your tongue out and blowingblow a raspberry (also give a raspberry American English) She blew a raspberry at him as he drove off.
Examples from the Corpus
raspberryRaspberry Ripple Cake combines vanilla ice-cream, raspberry sorbet, bitter chocolate and fresh raspberries.She also sells such classics as raspberry and vanilla creams.Heat gently until melted and brush over raspberries.Very much the same applies to raspberries.Images of sprawling tomato vines, twiggy raspberry bushes and zucchini leaves powdered with mildew all contribute to this prejudice.They suggest serving it for a light supper with couscous and a mesclun salad dressed with raspberry vinaigrette.blow a raspberryAs I watched it soar over the crossbar, .Jamir stuck his tongue out in ridicule and blew a raspberry.I blew a raspberry, he blew two.