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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishraviolirav‧i‧o‧li /ˌræviˈəʊli $ -ˈoʊli/ noun [uncountable]  ravioli.jpg DFFsmall pasta squares filled with meat or cheese
Examples from the Corpus
ravioliThe cheese ravioli in vodka sauce.When it was cut into ravioli, I decided, I would brush each one very lightly with egg white.He orders ravioli with foie gras and white truffle shavings.The clothing and sets resembling ravioli, tortellini and spaghetti could get you thinking about dinner.The ravioli are cooked al dente and topped with a rich tomato vodka sauce.The ravioli are huge, like saucers, each one stuffed with the exquisite mixture.Plus Sunday lunch ideas and step-by-step to ravioli.