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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsushisu‧shi /ˈsuːʃi/ noun [uncountable]  sushi.jpg DFFa Japanese dish that consists of small cakes of cooked rice served with raw fish
Examples from the Corpus
sushiIt is actually the way Californians eat sushi, as well.In the fashionable Recoleta district of Buenos Aires, the latest craze is sushi.That's a lot of sushi for the price.I generally think of sushi as bite-sized, but at Sushi-Cho you need a big mouth to eat your sushi without embarrassment.And that, land-farers, is the catch of the day on sushi.Or sushi in the refrigerator case of every Safeway.The trouble is his background keeps coming back to haunt him like last night's sushi.The salmon sushi and the yellowtail sashimi are likely to melt in your mouth, so pay close attention.