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sweetsweet2 ●●● S2 noun  1 pile_sweets.jpg [countable] British EnglishDFF a small piece of sweet food made of sugar or chocolate syn candy American English Eating sweets is bad for your teeth. a sweet shop a packet of boiled sweets (=hard sweets that taste of fruit)see thesaurus at taste2 [countable, uncountable] British EnglishDFF sweet food served after the meat and vegetables part of a meal syn dessert Would you like a sweet, or some cheese and biscuits?3 (my) sweet
Examples from the Corpus
sweetPerfetti has sales of Euros 700m in 50 countries with gum and sweets such as Brooklyn, Vigorsol and Vivident.He also noted, vaguely, that her offer of one of his favorite sweets had no appeal.Mum didn't let us have sweets except at Christmas.There's sweets and biscuits as well as nuts and fruit.Just as acidity works to add definition to sweets and fatty foods, the reverse is also true.Thus a searcher might consider perusing entries under sweets, chocolates and confectionery.boiled sweetsAll the matches are wet, so we cram down a few handfuls of cheese and boiled sweets.Then there was the time Vic and company decided to detonate a smorgasbord of Spam and boiled sweets.Jars of boiled sweets, rusks, biscuit tins and chocolate boxes are on view.She offered him the tray of boiled sweets.The company admitted that there had been a delay in installing new screening equipment at the plant, which produces boiled sweets.