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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsweetiesweet‧ie /ˈswiːti/ noun [countable] spoken  1 British EnglishDFF a sweet – used by children or when speaking to children2 NICEsomeone who is kind and easy to love Guy’s father is such a sweetie.3 LOVEa way of speaking to someone you love
Examples from the Corpus
sweetieWould she be a sweetie and run out and buy one?Look at that little dog - isn't he a sweetie!And then they say - I want a new pair of shoes, Buck sweetie.Remember those soldiers who stopped fighting the Great War to play football across the Flanders trenches and exchange sweeties?It should, she thought, by law, be an apple a day, a total ban on sweeties.Between the sweetie shop and Sadie's earnings in the hosier's they barely managed.You know we love you, sweetie.