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abalone acetic acid additive aftertaste à la carte al dente alfresco ambrosia angelica aniseed antipasto appetizer arrowroot bad baker baking powder baking soda banana split banger banquet banqueting hall barbie barley basil bass batch bay leaf BBQ bean bean curd beansprout beef beefburger beefsteak beet bell pepper berry betel betel nut bicarbonate of soda bilberry bill of fare binge(n) binge(v) bistro blackberry black-eyed bean black pepper black pudding blend(v) blend(n) blueberry board bolt bone bon vivant bony box lunch bramble bran brandy butter brasserie brawn breakfast brisket broiler broiler chicken broth brown rice brunch bubble gum buckwheat buffet bun bus busboy butcher(n) butcher(v) butchery buttercream butty café cafeteria caff caffeine cake can candy canned capon capsicum caraway carbohydrate care package carvery cassava cater caterer catering catsup catwalk cayenne pepper cereal cheese chef cherry tomato chickpea chilli Chinese chip shop chives chocolate chocolatey Christmas dinner chuck steak citric acid citron clotted cream club sandwich cob cobbler cocoa cocoa bean coconut milk coffee house coffee shop cold cuts cold storage cold store commissary concentrate condensed milk condiment cone confection confectioner confectioner's sugar confectionery conserve content continental breakfast convenience food cook-chill cooker cookie cooking cooking oil corn bread corn chip corncob corned beef cornet cornflakes cornflour cornmeal corn on the cob corn pone cornstarch corn syrup cottage cheese cotton candy courgette course cover charge crab crab apple cracker crackling cranberry crayfish cream cream cheese cream cracker creamer creamy cress crisp(n) crisp(a) crispbread crispy croissant croquette crouton crumb crumpet crunchy crust crusty crystallized cucumber cud cuisine cupcake curd curdle currant custard cut cutlet dainty Danish pastry date defrost delicacy demerara sugar desiccated devilled devour diabetic digest digestible dill dill pickle dine diner dining car dinner dinner dance dinner party dinner theater dinnertime dissolve doggy bag doily dollop dough down drain dredge dried dried fruit dripping drumstick dry goods dunk Easter egg eat eatery eating apple eats Eccles cake éclair Edam edible eel egg eggplant egg roll elevenses endive English breakfast English muffin entrée epicure escalope evaporated milk fast food feed(v) feed(n) feta cheese fig filbert fillet filling(a) filling(n) filo flounder floury flyblown foil food foodstuff forage fork fortify freeze-dried French bean French bread French dressing French fry French loaf French stick fries fromage frais frozen fruit fudge full-fat garam masala garlic garnish(n) garnish(v) gastronomic gastronomy gel ginger glass glassware golden raisin goody gourmand grain Granary granulated greasy greasy spoon green grill gristle grocer ground ground beef grub gruel guava gum gumball gumbo gumdrop halal halibut ham hamburger haunch head table health food heart hearty heat herb high tea home economics hot dish hygiene hygienic iceman indigestible indigestion inedible infected ingest inn insipid intake irradiate jellied joint juice juicy junk junk food knuckle kosher laxative lean leavings leg light liquorice live loaf locker loin lotus lukewarm lump lunch(n) lunch(v) lunchbox lunch break luncheon lunch hour lunchroom lunchtime luscious mace Madeira cake main course maitre d' maize mandarin mandarin orange mangetout mango maple syrup margarine marge marmalade marrow marshmallow Mason jar masticate mature(a) mature(v) meal mealie mealtime mealy meat meat-packing meaty mellow menthol mentholated menu mess(n) mess(v) mess hall milk chocolate millet mince mint mocha molasses moreish morsel mouldy mouth mouthful MSG munch mung bean mush mushroom mustard nibble(v) nibble(n) nosh nourish nourishment nugget nut nutcracker nutshell nutty oatmeal oats offal okra onion order oregano organic overindulge oxtail packaging packer pap parcel paste pastille pastry patisserie pearl barley pectin peel(v) peel(n) pepper(n) pepper(v) peppercorn peppermint perishable petit four piccalilli picnic(n) picnic(v) pie pilaff pilau pimento pinto bean pit pizza parlor pizzeria plain chocolate plain flour ploughman's lunch poor boy pork pork pie pork rinds porridge porterhouse steak portion postprandial potato potato crisp potted poultry praline prawn prepacked preservative preserve(v) preserve(n) pretzel provision prune puff pastry pumpernickel pumpkin puree quince Quorn rabbit rancid rare ravenous raw red meat reheat rennet repast replete restaurant restaurant car restaurateur rib rice rigatoni rind ripe roadhouse rock roe roll root vegetable rose hip rusk rutabaga saccharin salad cream salad dressing salami salmon salsa salt(v) salt(a) salty sandwich sardine sassafras satisfying satsuma sauerkraut sausage scallion scampi scone scoop Scotch broth scratchings seafood seasoned seed semolina servery service charge serving set shallot shellfish sherbet shish kebab shortbread shortcake shortcrust pastry shoulder shrimp cocktail side order sillabub simnel cake single cream sirloin sitting skimmed milk skin(n) skin(v) slaw slice sliced bread sloe sloppy joe smorgasbord snack bar snow pea soda fountain sodium chloride soft fruit sorghum soul food sour(a) sour(v) sourdough soya soya bean spearmint spinach sponge sponge cake sponge pudding spoon spoonful spotted dick spread spring onion spring roll sprout spud squash squid staple starfruit starter steak steakhouse steak tartare stew stick Stilton stir-fry stodge stone-ground strawberry string bean stringy strudel sub sucrose suet sugar(n) sugar(v) sugar-coated sugar cube sugar lump sugary sultana sun-dried sup supper sustenance swallow(v) swallow(n) swede sweetcorn sweetened condensed milk sweetener sweetmeat sweet pepper sweet potato syrup syrupy taco taffy tainted takeaway takeout tangerine tapas tapioca taramasalata tariff tart tartare sauce taste tasteless taster tasting tater tattie T-bone steak tea teacake tender tin tinned titbit toffee apple tofu tomato tongue top topping top round topside top table tortilla tough transport cafe treacle trifle tripe trotter truck stop truffle tub tuna turkey Turkish delight turnip turnover tutti frutti TV dinner TVP unadulterated unleavened unpalatable vacuum-packed vanilla veal vegan vegetable vegetarian vegetarianism veggie venison victual victuals voracious voucher waiter waitress walnut -ware warmed-over wedge well well-done well-fed wet fish wheat white white flour white pepper white sauce wholefood wholemeal whole wheat wiener wild rice wishbone wrap yeast extract yoghurt yogurt yolk yule log yummy zucchini zwieback

Language: Old English
Origin: foda


food S1 W1
1 [uncountable and countable] things that people and animals eat, such as vegetables or meatCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
good food hot/cold/spicy/fatty/starchy food Italian/French/Chinese etc food fresh food frozen food processed food (=food that has chemicals in it to make it last a long time) canned food also tinned food British English (=sold in cans) junk food (=food that is full of sugar or fat and is bad for your health) fast food (=hamburgers and other foods that are made to be eaten quickly) health food (=food that is thought to be good for your health) organic food (=food that is produced without using harmful chemicals) baby food dog/pet/cat food be off your food British English (=not want to eat your food) food shortage food scare (=when people are afraid to eat a particular kind of food) the food industry food colouring/additives
The restaurant serves good food at affordable prices.
Try not to eat too much spicy food.
I love Italian food, especially pasta.
He eats a lot of junk food and doesn't get enough exercise.
a fast food restaurant
People are willing to pay more for organic food.
Her little boy has a fever and he's been off his food.
Severe food shortages have led to rioting against the military government.
The recent series of food scares has made people more wary of eating meat.
Consumer pressure is being put upon the food industry to cut down on factory farming methods.

food for thought

something that makes you think carefully:
The teacher's advice certainly gave me food for thought.