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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaftertasteaf‧ter‧taste /ˈɑːftəteɪst $ ˈæftər-/ noun [countable usually singular]  DFTASTE OF FOOD OR DRINKa taste that stays in your mouth after you have eaten or drunk something The wine leaves a strong aftertaste.
Examples from the Corpus
aftertasteThe argument concerning the destination of the nation's art treasures has, however, acquired a bitter aftertaste.The wine has a bitter aftertaste.Scrawly tunes, cloudy observations, open-ended sentiments ultimately leading to an unsatisfactory half-digested aftertaste.Iodine is added as a final bacteria killer, giving the recycled water a distinctive aftertaste.The crab left too much of a fishy aftertaste.A big bear threatens rich, glamorous men in this Hemingway-esque adventure tale with a Hollywood aftertaste.Disappointing; sweet, rubbery bouquet and a dominating, coarse, fiery spirit with a nasty aftertaste to it.Some customers complained about the salty aftertaste.Some commented on the salty aftertaste.Other kids complained it tasted great at first, but the aftertaste lingered too long.The aftertaste of that loss to Oregon State won't go away very soon.Despite the somewhat vinegary aftertaste we found it very easy to drink.