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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishambrosiaam‧bro‧si‧a /æmˈbrəʊziə $ -ˈbroʊʒə/ noun [uncountable] literary  DFDELICIOUSfood or drink that tastes very good
Examples from the Corpus
ambrosiaBut, unlike the eggs of bees and ants, ambrosia beetle eggs do need to be penetrated by something.Jaq noted how wistfully Grimm regarded what he rated as gourmet ambrosia disappearing into the monster's maw remorselessly.After their diet of the last few days, anything would taste like ambrosia.Nine days Demeter wandered, and all that time she would not taste of ambrosia or put sweet nectar to her lips.He is in Billy's make-believe world of ambrosia the moment the curtain rises.I watched him as he poured the red ambrosia into the lovely clear glass.I was surprised to taste whisky, rather than ambrosia, in the frosted glass.That night I slept as if drugged with ambrosia.