Topic: FOOD

Language: Old English


1 noun
bean1 S3 [countable]
1DFHBP a seed or a pod (=case containing seeds), that comes from a climbing plant and is cooked as food. There are very many types of beans.:
baked beans
Soak the beans overnight.
kidney beans
green beans
2HBPDF a plant that produces beans
3DF a seed used in making some types of food or drinks:
coffee beans
cocoa beans

be full of beans

informal to be very eager and full of energy:
She's full of beans this morning.

not have a bean

British English informal to have no money at all

not know/care beans (about somebody/something)

American English informal to not know anything or care at all about someone or something

➔ spill the beans

at spill1 (3)

➔ not amount to a hill of beans

at hill (5), jelly bean

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