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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeefbeef1 /biːf/ ●●● S3 noun  1 [uncountable]DF the meat from a cow roast beef We have both dairy and beef cattle on the farm.2 [countable] informalCOMPLAIN a complaint OK, so what’s the beef this time?3 where’s the beef? corned beef
Examples from the Corpus
beefBut does that mean you don't need to worry about the risks of eating beef?In the land of the cowboy you might expect beef to be an unfailingly popular dish.Since 1975 the consumption of beef has decreased from 89 pounds per capita to 76. 5 pounds per capita.Good old rice mixed with chicken or beef.The prime beef is aged on the premises.If pastrami is too strong a flavour for your taste, then use roast beef or ham instead.In the meantime, the milk remains ideal for cheese-making and the breed's beef production is creditable for a dairy type.Toucans sit in cages and aluminum pots steam with hot food, stewed beef and chicken or sausage and potatoes.