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blendblend2 noun [countable]  1 DFa product such as tea, tobacco, or whisky that is a mixture of several different types2 MIXa mixture of different things that combine together well an excellent team, with a nice blend of experience and youthful enthusiasmsee thesaurus at mixture
Examples from the Corpus
blendEach preparation is a blend of fruit, flower, herb or plant extracts.In economics, its use is a blend of two ideas, abstraction and pure problem-solving.He also took a nightly bath containing lavender, clary-sage or chamomile - sometimes a blend of all three essences.For meditation, yoga or for a philosophical discussion, try a blend of frankincense, myrrh and cedarwood.Sometimes he seems to be an extraordinary blend of artist, poet and businessman.The England team is a good side, with a nice blend of experience and youthful energy.The Rhone Rangers also have produced a host of Rhonestyle blends, usually with a high percentage of grenache.The following recipe uses this blend to create a loyal, hearty, and enjoyable bread.