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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbramblebram‧ble /ˈbræmbəl/ noun [countable]  DFa wild blackberry bush
Examples from the Corpus
brambleHe skipped over roots and brambles.To try and get to it by going round outside the garden wall meant ploughing through waist-high nettles and clumps of bramble.In a month the indigo bunting will sing and build its nest in the brambles.Some were hanging on the brambles and a few flat, wet clots were lying well out in open ground beyond the clump.He rearranged the brambles, got back on his bike, and pedalled round to the mill yard.We turn under the brambles and sorrel, break up the fertile earth, and plant the magic seeds.At this time brambles are dormant, the sap is within the ground and the brambles themselves have become dry.The fattest rabbits in winter are often found in close proximity to brambles.