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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrawnbrawn /brɔːn $ brɒːn/ noun [uncountable]  1 STRONG PERSONphysical strength, especially when compared with intelligence Mina has the brains, I have the brawn.2 British EnglishDF meat from a pig’s head that has been boiled and pressed in a container and is often served in thin flat pieces syn headcheese American English
Examples from the Corpus
brawnWe impose heavy loads on those with both brain and brawn, and we expect saintliness from them as well.What they lack in brawn they make up for in skill.This technology means brawn no longer matters.Jobs requiring mere brawn are dwindling, replaced by lower-paid jobs requiring skill, education and a high degree of interpersonal polish.Intelligence was the thing in a case like this, not brawn.You can't be good at tennis if you rely on brawn alone -- it takes skill as well.The battle was won by brain rather than brawn.Gammage was the brains, and Seals was the brawn.Football players are known more for their brawn than their brains.