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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbreakfastbreak‧fast /ˈbrekfəst/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable, uncountable]  DFMEALthe meal you have in the morning We had bacon and eggs for breakfast. I never eat breakfast. After a hearty breakfast (=large breakfast), we set out for a hike. a light breakfast (=small breakfast) a working breakfast (=a breakfast at which you talk about business)breakfast verb [intransitive] bed and breakfast, continental breakfast, English breakfast, → wedding breakfast at wedding(1), → make a dog’s breakfast of something at dog1(8)COLLOCATIONSverbshave/eat breakfastPaul got up, washed and had breakfast.have something for breakfastWhat do you usually have for breakfast?ADJECTIVES/NOUN + breakfast a big breakfastMost people don’t eat a big breakfast nowadays.a good/proper breakfast (=big and healthy)I think kids need a good breakfast before they go to school.a hearty breakfast written (=big)The price includes a hearty breakfast.a small/light breakfastShe ate a light breakfast of toast and coffee.an English/a full breakfast (=a big breakfast with bacon, egg, toast etc – used especially in hotels)A lot of people like to have an English breakfast on holiday.a cooked/fried breakfast (=bacon, egg, toast etc)Do you feel like having a cooked breakfast?a buffet breakfast (=one in a hotel, where you serve yourself)A buffet breakfast is served in the hotel's elegant dining room.a continental breakfast (=coffee and bread with butter and jam)Continental breakfast can be served in your room.a quick/hasty/hurried breakfastI grabbed a quick breakfast and ran to the bus stop.a long/leisurely breakfast (=not hurried)On Sunday mornings I like to have a leisurely breakfast.an early/late breakfastWe had an early breakfast and left before 7.30.a working breakfast (=at which you talk about business)She suggested we meet at 8.30 for a working breakfast.breakfast + NOUNthe breakfast dishesDid you put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher?the breakfast things (=dishes, packets etc)Dad was clearing the breakfast things away.a breakfast table/roomThe house has a large kitchen and a breakfast room.breakfast cerealMany breakfast cereals are high in sugar.breakfast timeI don’t like talking at breakfast time.breakfast television/TV (=programmes on television in the early morning)The children all eat their cereal in front of breakfast television. GRAMMAR: Patterns with breakfastfor breakfastYou eat something for breakfast: I had toast and coffee for breakfast. Don’t say: At breakfast I had toast and coffee.at breakfastYou use at breakfast to talk about something that happens while you are eating breakfast: I saw her this morning at breakfast.
Examples from the Corpus
breakfastAfter breakfast we went for a walk on the beach.After breakfast I ventured forth, and was at once overwhelmed by the beauty and the scale of the buildings.The best it can offer is bed and breakfast.During breakfast, I usually read the paper.I have been waiting two hours for breakfast, and I am dripping wet.What do you want for breakfast - cereal or toast?He had breakfast in the kitchen with Campbell, while Bonita got her through breakfast and ready for school.George was having his breakfast when the phone rang.A lavish breakfast buffet, included in the room rate, is served on a patio overlooking the beach.It would take a time to catch and then she could heat the water & cook Alisdair's breakfast.light breakfastThe volunteers fasted overnight, or for six hours after a light breakfast if the study was carried out in the afternoon.The race morning East a light breakfast, but don't starve yourself.An evening snack and light breakfast are included.