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butcherbutcher2 verb [transitive]  1 DFTAto kill animals and prepare them to be used as meat2 KILLto kill someone cruelly or unnecessarily, especially to kill a lot of people3 informalSPOIL to spoil something by working carelessly That hairdresser really butchered my hair!→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
butcherCatholics, he preached, trained blind and furious zealots to butcher and scalp Protestants.They decided Mr Newall was butchered downstairs and his wife in her bedroom.The scent of dense green growth, irrigation mist, massive trees not butchered for their fodder, fattened, passive cattle.Memories of the 1983 riots, when thousands of Tamils were butchered in Colombo, are lively.Loi butchered it eagerly, first cutting off inch-thick steaks which we fried in soy sauce and oil and were delicious.Each of his predecessors has been assassinated / butchered / knifed by one or more among those gathered in front of him.And who did butcher those women?