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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcannedcanned /kænd/ adjective  1 DFcanned food is preserved in a round metal container syn tinned British English canned tomatoes canned fruit2 canned music/laughter
Examples from the Corpus
cannedUse less meat than the stated quantity and add canned beans to reduce fat content.Spread with a layer of softened chocolate ice cream and some drained, chopped, canned cherries.For a complete and balanced meal they must be fed with an equal volume of canned food and mixer.Neither does canned food provide an environmentally friendly option for preserving food.Fights erupted outside supermarkets as shoppers battled for parking spaces in desperate efforts to stock up with canned goods.Particularly popular with customers were the canned nuts, home remedies, pizzas, pasta, cereals and canned pet foods range.Also, buying canned or frozen food rather than fresh food cuts down our vitamin intake by as much as 25-30 percent.If you don't have fresh fruit to hand, just use an equal weight of canned or frozen fruit instead.canned peaches