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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcheesecheese /tʃiːz/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable, uncountable]  1 cheese.jpg DFa solid food made from milk, which is usually yellow or white in colour, and can be soft or hard half a kilo of cheese a cheese sandwich Sprinkle with the grated cheese. a selection of English cheesespiece/bit/slice/lump etc of cheesecow’s/goat’s/sheep’s cheese (=from the milk of a cow etc)2 (say) cheese! big cheese, → chalk and cheese at chalk1(3)COLLOCATIONSphrasesa piece/bit of cheeseWould you like a piece of cheese?a slice of cheeseSue cut six thin slices of cheese.a lump/hunk of cheese (=a large piece)We just had bread and a hunk of cheese for lunch.a wedge of cheese (=a piece which is thin at one end and thick at the other)I bought a half pound wedge of cheese.bread and cheeseLunch was bread and cheese.cheese and biscuitsAfter the meal we had coffee with cheese and biscuits.cheese on toast (=melted cheese on toast)Would you like some cheese on toast?adjectivesstrongThis is one of the strongest French cheeses.mild (=without a strong taste)The cheese is mild and creamy.hard cheeseUse a hard cheese such as Cheddar for grating.soft cheese (=that you can spread)Camembert is my favourite soft cheese.grated cheese (=that has been cut into many small pieces using a special tool)Cover the vegetables with the grated cheese.melted cheeseNachos are good with melted cheese.goat's cheese (=made from goat's milk)cream cheese (=a type of soft smooth white cheese)cottage cheese (=a type of soft white cheese with small lumps in it)blue cheese (=a type of cheese with blue lines in it and a strong taste)processed cheese (=with substances added to preserve it)verbsgrate cheese (=cut it into many small pieces using a special tool)Would you grate some cheese for me?sprinkle cheese over/on something (=put small pieces of cheese over/on something)Sprinkle the cheese over the top.top something with cheese (=put cheese on top of something)Top the potatoes with grated cheese.cheese + NOUNa cheese sandwichI'll make you a cheese sandwich.a cheese omeletteLunch was a cheese omelette with salad.(a) cheese sauceI made a cheese sauce to go with the pasta.
Examples from the Corpus
cheeseIt won't be long before cheeses such as these become rarities.bagels and cream cheeseDamp casein is very like damp cheese and its elastic behaviour is anything but Hookean.To make a fresh milk cheese at home is the simplest of processes.a tray of cheeses and cold meatsResults the second time around: The bread started to burn before the cheese was melted.The chives and parsley will provide a bright perk and a complementary flavor to the cheese.The cheese will disappear in the dough, becoming part of the elastic texture.Swaledale is a traditional cheese of the same era as Wensleydale, which has been revived and is now selling well.piece/bit/slice/lump etc of cheeseMoodie, more like a mouse than ever, nibbled at a bit of cheese.He was clutching a piece of cheese.You don't have a piece of cheese, do you?Fabia was cutting into a slice of cheese when suddenly she halted.Miss Rose said, removing a slice of cheese from her pocket and having it with her coffee.Place four slices of pear on top, then cover each one with a slice of cheese.So we went outside and Mr Brown took some tiny bits of cheese with him.Cut the tomatoes in half and then make faces on them with pieces of cheese, olive or egg.