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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchefchef /ʃef/ ●●○ noun [countable] 🔊 🔊 chef.jpg BODFa skilled cook, especially the main cook in a hotel or restaurant 🔊 a master chef 🔊 a pastry chef
Examples from the Corpus
chef• Marco's ambition had been to become a chef in one of the big hotels.• He comes from the Grand Forks Country Club, where he was executive chef since 1996.• Sagin is a 31-year-old French chef living and working in Montreal.• How many times have i nearly wept at the destruction of delicate little scallops at the hands of ignorant or insensitive chefs?• My chefs are preparing dinner and we are interrupting their work.• Architect, philosopher, chef - what next?• Nowhere else in the world, the chef confided, could he have the freedom to create such a banquet.• The chefs prepare your selections as you order them so they're served piping hot.