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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcobcob /kɒb $ kɑːb/ noun [countable]  1 DFa corncob corn on the cob2 DF British English a round loaf of bread3 HBAa type of horse that is strong and has short legs4 HBBa male swan
Examples from the Corpus
cobUsing a serrated knife, remove kernels of corn from cobs; reserve both kernels and cobs for sauce.Charcoal, wood chips, coconut shells and maize cobs are the only practical fuels at the moment.The placid and sensible character of the beginner's cob would be unsuitable for the racecourse, for example.Maybe corn cut from the cob and fried with green onions and butter.Some people think fresh corn on the cob needs no embellishment.He clicked his tongue, the cob plodded resolutely forward and so did I. And it was easy!The cob was young and eager but uneducated.