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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcooking oilˈcooking oil noun [uncountable]  DFoil from plants, such as sunflowers or olives, used in cooking
Examples from the Corpus
cooking oilOr add a cup each of vinegar and cooking oil.A man who'd been scalded in the kitchens by cooking oil.But aid agencies report tens of thousands families so poor that they need help procuring flour, cooking oil and other basics.Oilseed rape is likely to be engineered to produce more than one type of oil: for margarine, cooking oil or lubrication.Finally, coat with a fine film of cooking oil before storing for long periods.An anonymous donor had given 20 gallons of cooking oil, desperately needed in the stricken country.Twice a year we get two pounds of cooking oil, and only five bars of soap for a whole year.Mix used cooking oil into your hoof oil to make it go further.