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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcornflakescorn‧flakes /ˈkɔːnfleɪks $ ˈkɔːrn-/ noun [plural]  DFsmall flat pieces of crushed corn(1), usually eaten at breakfast with milk
Examples from the Corpus
cornflakesShe bought bread and orange juice and cornflakes and porridge.Where a cereal is very light, like cornflakes, an ounce will comfortably fill the usual breakfast bowl.Then he went into the kitchen, ate a bowl of cornflakes, and smoked another cigarette.Reid in London A bowl of cornflakes can kill you-not to mention a ham sandwich or a T-bone steak.I eat tremendous amounts of bread and jam and bowls of cornflakes with cold milk - delicious!Having tried bran flakes you might well find that you like them just as much as ordinary cornflakes.