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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcroissantcrois‧sant /ˈkwɑːsɒŋ $ krɒːˈsɑːnt/ noun [countable]  croissant.jpg DFa type of sweet bread, shaped in a curve and usually eaten for breakfast
Examples from the Corpus
croissantI put an almond croissant in a low oven for him.Pour custard over chocolate and croissants, dividing equally.Coffee and croissants from 9 am.Standard fare is available: bacon and eggs, toast, fresh fruit ranging from kiwi to papaya and crusty croissants.Shoppers liked the quality, the fresh fruit, the hot croissants and chilled meals.He poured another cup of coffee, finished the last croissant.For example, boiled potatoes satisfied hunger seven times better than croissants.Simone said dourly that we were not to eat the croissants as there wouldn't be enough.