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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrunchycrunch‧y /ˈkrʌntʃi/ ●●○ adjective  DFfood that is crunchy is firm and makes a noise when you bite it – usually used to show approval a delicious crunchy saladsee thesaurus at hardcrunchiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
crunchyChildren love crunchy breakfast cereals and they're full of vitamins too.There was an empty lot there full of overgrown weeds and crunchy brown grass and the shattered remnants of a shack.crunchy carrot sticksShe uses a thick, crunchy cornmeal coating to protect the lean meat.Haliborange - all the goodness of natural fish oil in a crunchy fruit flavour tablet you will enjoy taking.The croquettes have a crunchy golden exterior and the tender minced salmon is moist and well seasoned.The path around the pavilion, which had been mud only weeks before, was now crunchy gravel.Decorate, if wished, with edible flowers and a crunchy lettuce heart salad.For lunch I usually have something simple, with a fresh crunchy salad.If the islands where they lived did contain strong jawed predators, such as hyaenas, their heads would make a crunchy snack.