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cutcut2 ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable]  1 REDUCTIONreduction [usually plural]REDUCE a reduction in the size or amount of something, especially the amount of money that is spent by a government or company There will be cuts across all levels of the company.cut in Cuts in public spending mean that fewer people can go on to higher education. The decision to make cuts in health care provision has been widely criticized.tax/pay/job etc cuts A shorter working week will mean pay cuts for millions of workers. The building plans could be hit by possible spending cuts.cut of A cut of 1% in interest rates was announced yesterday.2 WOUNDMIskin wound a wound that is caused when something sharp cuts your skin That’s quite a nasty cut – you ought to get it seen to by a doctor. The driver escaped with minor cuts and bruises.see thesaurus at injury3 HOLE/MARKCUThole/mark a narrow hole or mark in the surface of something, made by a sharp tool or object Make a small cut in the paper.4 HAIRhair [usually singular] a) CUTan act of cutting someone’s hair syn haircut How much do they charge for a cut and blow-dry? b) DCthe style in which your hair is cut syn haircut a short stylish cut5 clothes [usually singular]DCC the style in which clothes have been made I could tell by the cut of his suit that he wasn’t a poor man. 6 share of something [usually singular]MONEY someone’s share of something, especially moneycut of She was determined to claim her cut of the winnings.7 REMOVEremoval from film an act of removing a part from a film, play, piece of writing etc, or a part that has been removed8 FILMAMFfilm [usually singular] the process of putting together the different parts of a film and removing the parts that will not be shown Spielberg himself oversaw the final cut.9 music one of the songs or pieces of music on an album, CD etc10 the cut and thrust of something11 be a cut above somebody/something12 MEATDFmeat a piece of meat that has been cut to a size suitable for cooking or eating Long slow cooking is more suitable for cheaper cuts of meat.13 TTRroad American English a road that has been made through a hill cold cuts, power cut, short cutCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a reduction in the size or amount of something, especially the amount of money that is spent by a government or companyverbsmake cutsThe country needs to make cuts in the carbon dioxide it produces.announce cutsA major engineering company has announced big job cuts.take/accept cuts (=agree to have something reduced)Some employees were forced to take pay cuts.NOUN + cuttax cutsThe president announced tax cuts.pay/wage cutsMillions of workers face pay cuts.job/staff cutsThere have been falling sales and job cuts at the newspaper.spending cutsHis proposals could involve spending cuts of up to £12 billion.price cutsThe company announced big price cuts on all its computers.defence cutsFurther proposals for defence cuts were drawn up.adjectivesdeep/severe cuts (=big reductions) Deep cuts were made in research spending.drastic/sharp cuts (=big and sudden reductions)He resigned over drastic cuts in the education budget. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a wound that is caused when something sharp cuts your skinverbshave a cut on somethingHe had a cut on his forehead.get a cut (on something)I fell and got a bad cut on my head.adjectivessmall/slightIt’s only a small cut.minorTwo passengers had to be treated for minor cuts.superficial (=not deep)I’m fine - just a few superficial cuts.bad/nasty (=wide or deep and bleeding a lot)The cut looked quite bad.How did you get that nasty cut?deepShe fell and got a deep cut on her leg.phrasescuts and bruises (=cuts and dark marks on the skin)He escaped the crash with just a few cuts and bruises.
Examples from the Corpus
cutSchools receive a 34% cut of the money the state lottery earns.Cuts in the education budget have led to fewer teachers and larger classes.There are to be big cuts in the health budget next year.These pointed fingers were adjusted to be my guide and, apart from the very ends of each cut, were quite reliable.Make the first cut fairly shallow, then push the saw deeper into the wood.That's a very flattering cut.Several passengers were treated for cuts and bruises.Teachers are expecting further cuts next year.Investigators found that her cut of the profits amounted to more than 25%.The new management has promised that there will be no job cuts.How much is my cut going to be?Nurses are protesting about further pay cuts.The whole team agreed to take pay cuts, rather than see their colleagues lose their jobs.The censors insisted on several cuts.Some senators have called for huge tax cuts to stimulate the economy.The Kennedy and Reagan tax cuts came at a time when the economy was under-performing.He knows the polls show voters would prefer smaller tax cuts.They said the tax cut would reduce the amount of money flowing to schools.It's a particularly tender cut of beef.The emphasis on comfort has changed the cut of men's suits.The cut should go to 1 / 4 inch from the other side of the card.The distributors and the wholesalers all get their cut, and this is what pushes up the price.His hands were covered with cuts and scrapes.make cutsAlways make cuts clean and smooth with no ragged, broken edges to the cut, or slivers of stem left exposed.So assess your finances, look at where you can make cuts in expenses.The only place where we could make cuts, without resetting the entire piece, was in the last paragraph.Service companies have now begun to make cuts.They have different styles: Warren runs downhill, looking to make cuts, while Broussard is more explosive.The overwhelming weight of scientific opinion is that we need to make cuts of 60 % or more in carbon dioxide emissions.Some others also plan to make cuts.cuts and bruisesThese are typically chemical burns, cuts and bruises and eye injuries.Most of the children were treated by the roadside for cuts and bruises some of them were in shock.Tony Humphries from Northampton needed hospital treatment for cuts and bruises.Their victim needed hospital treatment for cuts and bruises.Apart from a couple of minor cuts and bruises, there were no injuries.The commemorative battle was sufficiently well choreographed to avoid serious damage ... although there were still plenty of cuts and bruises.He had suffered cuts and bruises.Ian died instantly, Mark escaped with cuts and bruises.