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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdesiccateddes‧ic‧cat‧ed /ˈdesɪkeɪtɪd/ adjective technical  1 DFdesiccated food has been dried in order to preserve it2 DRYcompletely dry desiccated soil
Examples from the Corpus
desiccatedHowever, don't feed your feathered friends very dry bread, desiccated coconut or salty food.Scratched into this desiccated earth is an environmental warning.Mixing it with water, wind, and memory, I reconstitute the desiccated fact as a full-blown experience pulsing with life.Haemoglobin iron can be taken on its own or with desiccated liver.I suspect that some readers will recoil from Jaynes' chilly, offhand assessment of his desiccated marriage.Looking back towards the Pan-Americana, the huge mud complex appeared ringed with peaked and desiccated mountains.Marriage, that desiccated, pedantic, self-satisfied prude.