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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdigestibledi‧gest‧i‧ble /daɪˈdʒestəbəl, də-/ adjective  DFfood that is digestible can be easily digested opp indigestible
Examples from the Corpus
digestibleFor some time, I wondered whether this might explain an inability to find the Oyster Band wholly digestible.Single, short leaflets are more digestible.I say surprising, because some are as digestible as boot polish while others are simply unwatchable.Further courses are coaching orientated, examining what the individual needs to learn and offering it in a digestible format.The Refreshments started playing their easily digestible pop songs in January 1994.Tragedy, disaster; they moulded them into small, digestible portions.Nevertheless, Blake's achievement in producing digestible theory and illuminating analyses within the confines of such a short book is considerable.The government's plans to sell off state companies in several easily digestible tranches should also help.