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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdissolvedis‧solve /dɪˈzɒlv $ dɪˈzɑːlv/ ●●○ verb  1 become part of liquid[intransitive, transitive]HCDF if a solid dissolves, or if you dissolve it, it mixes with a liquid and becomes part of it Stir until the sugar dissolves.dissolve in Sugar dissolves in water.dissolve something in something Dissolve the tablet in water.2 end [transitive]PGP to formally end a parliament, business arrangement, marriage etc The monarch had the power to dissolve parliament.3 dissolve into/in laughter/tears etc4 become weaker [intransitive, transitive]WEAK to gradually become smaller or weaker before disappearing, or to make something do this Her enthusiasm dissolved his shyness. A few clouds formed briefly before dissolving again.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
dissolveMaria's objections to the plan began to dissolve.The law suit began ten months after the Rossi marriage had been legally dissolved.One of those illusions was my persistent sensation that my personality was dissolving.You can test their absorption rate by seeing if they dissolve almost entirely in white vinegar within 30 minutes.I think she's picked up a few pointers, like how to chop an onion and how to dissolve an Oxo cube.The Assembly was dissolved by presidential decree on Oct. 12.Because it also dissolves in fats, it freely passes through cell membranes, which are basically double-walled bubbles of fat.These and certain sea anemones often leave a mucous trail that, upon dissolving in water, gives off a characteristic odor.The crystals dissolve in water to create a purple liquid.During my ascent, the spotlight expands, dissolving into a soft glow that eventually engulfs the entire stage.Theoretically, she can dissolve Parliament without advice, but the right has been in abeyance for years.Dissolve the salt in 125 ml of hot water.dissolve something in somethingDissolve the yeast in lukewarm water.