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downdown2 verb [transitive]  1 DFEATto drink or eat something quickly He downed the coffee in one gulp.2 HITto knock or force someone to the ground O'Malley downed his opponent in the first round.3 down tools→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
downHe claimed the rebels downed 35 government aircraft.After downing a whole bottle of tequila, she swallowed several dozen sleeping tablets.More than 60 electrical wires were downed by the wet, heavy snow.The servant brought a glass of water, which I downed in a single mouthful.Parker downed it in one swallow.Malone added 20 points as Utah downed Orlando in Salt Lake City.Schumacher sank back in his seat and downed the tumbler of whisky which had appeared at his side.Jack downed three beers with his steak and fries.