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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheateryeat‧e‧ry /ˈiːtəri/ noun (plural eateries) [countable]  informal especially American EnglishDFDLO a restaurant or other place to eat one of the best eateries in town
Examples from the Corpus
eateryIf you do want a change from the Papillon restaurants, a host of first-class eateries are nearby.Mimi Sheraton, for example, had to don various disguises so she would not be recognized while critiquing elegant eateries.Now the gluttonous diner has a wide array of eateries from which to choose.The street is dotted with pricey eateries, art galleries, boutiques and hair salons.Sure, we had called the Altamonte Springs eatery for directions.Furthermore, the eatery is no longer incorporated, he said.The eatery was Summit Station, in Gaithersburg.Yes, Picasso-themed eateries from Venice to Guadalajara.