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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishedibleed‧i‧ble /ˈedəbəl/ adjective  DFEATsomething that is edible can be eaten opp inedible These berries are edible, but those are poisonous.
Examples from the Corpus
edibleThey seem the most successful at inhabiting the two worlds of allium: the beautiful and the edible.Are these mushrooms edible?The meal was barely edible.Chefs Kuni and Yasu, both chatty artists, carve edible canvasses that are spectacular feasts for the eyes.There are many edible fruits growing wild in the coastal forest.It does not require 100 tonnes of plant material to produce one tonne of edible material per year.edible plantsThe bird's problem then is to distinguish sickening from edible prey.If different sizes are offered, go for the largest, which will produce edible stalks more quickly.The hind limbs were strong and apparently adapted for scratch-digging, and Hyperodapedon could presumably dig up edible tubers and roots.Woodland harboured herbs for medicines and food and also several edible varieties of mushroom.Jell-O is in many ways the edible version of an elemental archetype: Deadly beauty.