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feedfeed2 noun  1 baby [countable] British EnglishDHB one of the times when you give milk to a small baby the two a.m. feed2 animal food [uncountable]HBA food for animals fish feed3 supply [countable]TPROVIDE a tube or piece of equipment which supplies a machine with something, especially fuel4 tv/radio/computer [countable, uncountable] when a television or radio signal, computer information etc is sent somewhere, or the connection that is used to do this a live satellite feed from the space station5 meal [countable] old-fashionedDF a big meal
Examples from the Corpus
feedLois has gotten tired of the late night feedings.As a 4-H rabbit grower for two years, he had often traded at the local hardware for hutch materials and feed.A large part of our income goes on animal feed.The corn will have to be rerouted to animal feed and ethanol production.cattle feedJust a extra feed of hay to mark the special day.In recent public appearances, the speaker looks decidedly off his feed.Her baby has its lunchtime feed, then goes to sleep.a live satellite feedA young baby needs small feeds at frequent intervals.In a closed-circuit television feed from Washington, Democrats Rep.And tonight, for the first time, the public were invited to watch the feed, and listen to a commentary.They always thought it was feed time if the light went on and would scramble up expectantly and start pawing and whinnying.