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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfriesfries /fraɪz/ noun [plural]  DFlong thin pieces of potato that have been cooked in hot oil syn chips British English
Examples from the Corpus
friesThere is a reason for the deli's popularity, and it isn't the chili fries.Steak, french fries and chocolate, delicious new delicacies, were all put before her and she gorged enthusiastically.In drunken lunacy we had two execrable hamburgers and three orders of cold, greasy fries at the refreshment stand.Houses collapse, hail shatters windshields, lightning fries golfers.And a double helping of fries.The cheeseburger's a sports fan's cheeseburger, big and juicy and married to those big steak-size fries.The fries, made through a counter-top machine, can then be deep-fried before serving.