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gelgel2 verb (gelled, gelling) πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 SURE (also jell especially American English) [intransitive] if a thought, plan etc gels, it becomes clearer or more definite πŸ”Š Don’t start writing until the idea has gelled in your mind.2 UNITE (also jell especially American English) [intransitive] if two or more people gel, they start working well together as a groupgel with πŸ”Š He did not gel with Chapman. πŸ”Š After two days, the group gelled into a team.3 DFT (also jell especially American English) [intransitive] if a liquid gels, it becomes firmer or thicker4 [transitive] to put gel into your hair πŸ”Š gelled hairβ†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
gelβ€’ I am very pleased with how the group is gelling.β€’ They appear to gel as a group, with only the odd complaint about sharing or taking turns.β€’ a handsome man with short, gelled hairβ€’ Clark says that the idea had already gelled in his mind as far back as September 1981.β€’ Batty was magnificently constructive throughout but things refused stubbornly to gel up to the interval.β€’ We seem to be working really well as a unit and things really gel when we write together.