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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgoodygood‧y1 /ˈɡʊdi/ noun (plural goodies) [countable usually plural] informal  1 DFEATsomething that is nice to eat We bought lots of goodies for the picnic.2 WANTsomething attractive, pleasant, or desirable The competition gives you the chance to win all sorts of goodies.3 AAPPROVE British English a goodie
Examples from the Corpus
goodyThis wicker hamper is packed with delicious goodies and costs £64.92, inclusive of nationwide delivery.A man who identified himself as Peter said he looks forward to the holiday doggie goodies.Red, the grandmother, and the brave hunter sat down and shared the basket of goodies.But this is a novelty book and many of the pages can be opened like envelopes to reveal all sorts of goodies.You can use the programs to edit photos and create greeting cards, certificates, comic books, labels and other goodies.The bank's giving away radios and other goodies when you open a new account.Dotted with herbs and touched with olive oil, these signature goodies are baked daily so that they are always fresh.When crime series started it was quite clear who were the goodies and who were the baddies.Anyway next week's show is already packed with goodies.