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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhamburgerham‧burg‧er /ˈhæmbɜːɡə $ -bɜːrɡər/ ●●● S3 noun  1 [countable]DFF a flat round piece of finely cut beef (=meat from a cow) which is cooked and eaten in a bread bun2 [uncountable] American EnglishDF beef that has been cut into very small pieces syn mince British English
Examples from the Corpus
hamburgerPerhaps you can also sling a hamburger, skimming it like a Frisbee from pan to plate.You could eat all the free hamburgers you wanted, but they all were Jack in the Box hamburgers.Peter may be forced to settle for a lifetime of french fries, hamburgers, and humiliation.The Romans had hamburgers, you know.The popular image is that they are mostly teen-agers in relatively high-income families working in hamburger joints for joy money.Could you pick up a pound of hamburger on your way home?In addition to this the shift from Wimpy to Burger King has altered the technology used in production of the hamburgers.Of course, these hamburgers will be sold alongside Happy Meals in restaurants that include indoor kiddie playgrounds.