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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh teaˌhigh ˈtea noun [countable, uncountable]  British EnglishDF a meal of cold food, cakes etc eaten in the early evening
Examples from the Corpus
high teaShe made herself a high tea, put the gas fire on full blast and sat with a tray in front of the television.Morning coffee, lunch and high tea is always of a high standard with the course also in tip-top condition.They trailed home under a red, smoky sky, to the cosy, fire-lit parlour and high tea.Players were given a welcoming morning coffee, followed after the match, by high tea in the Belleisle Hotel.Miss Poole had no friends and seldom had visitors, except for the girls who came over occasionally for high tea.Lunch became more of a northern high tea.There was no sign of the girls, so I supposed they must have gone out again after their high tea.The day was rounded off with high tea and a tour of Edinburgh's hostelries!