Topic: FOOD

Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: jointe, from joindre; JOIN


2 noun
joint2 [countable]
1HBA a part of your body that can bend because two bones meet there
knee/neck/hip/elbow etc joint
a permanently damaged knee joint
2 British EnglishDF a large piece of meat, usually containing a bone
joint of
a joint of beef
3 a place where two things or parts of an object are joined together:
What should I use to seal the joint between a carport roof and the house wall?

out of joint

a) HBH if a bone in your body is out of joint, it has been pushed out of its correct position
b) if a system, group etc is out of joint, it is not working properly:
Something is out of joint in our society.

➔ put somebody's nose out of joint

at nose1 (15)
5 informalDF a cheap bar, club, or restaurant:
a hamburger joint
clip joint
6 informalMDD a cigarette containing cannabis [= spliff]

➔ case the joint

at case2 (2)

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