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leanlean2 adjective  1 THIN PERSONthin in a healthy and attractive way He was lean, tall, and muscular.see thesaurus at thin2 DFlean meat does not have much fat on it opp fatty3 EFFICIENTa lean organization, company etc uses only as much money and as many people as it needs, so that nothing is wasted4 PROBLEMa lean period is a very difficult time because there is not enough money, business etc His wife was a source of constant support during the lean years.leanness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
leanHe was tragic looking, lean.a lean and athletic manAt seventy-two my grandfather was lean and strong and I expected him to live forever.He's a very handsome man: tall, lean and tanned with thick blond hair.In this age of lean corporations, more workers are expected to work overtime.For what seemed an age, she studied his features, strong lean features which she had come to know so well.A company with severe cash flow problems may have no choice but to run a lean inventory operation.Operating efficiency ratios show that Technosystems runs a lean operation, with all ratios above the industry averages.She had a runner's lean physique and an overall healthy glow.It is lean production at its meanest.a lean year for businesslean yearsNothing came along immediately and ahead were a couple of lean years.The Richmond Meet is clearly thriving - but how did it manage to survive the lean years?Although two lean years by his standard followed, Davis, 34, still reached two world semi-finals.She was, after all the lean years, fairly bursting with plans.There the religious instruction started by his father, who for all the lean years had been his schoolteacher, continued.She had gone through seven lean years; this was evidently one of her full ones.The gamble seemed worthwhile as the lean years were few.Those were lean years, without money for trips to the cinema.