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Language: Old English
Origin: leoht


2 adjective
light2 S1 W1 comparative lighter, superlative lightest


a light colour is pale and not dark:
You look nice in light colours.
light blue/green/grey etc
She had blue eyes and light brown hair.
I wanted a lighter yellow paint for the walls.


it is/gets light

if it is light, there is the natural light of day [≠ dark]:
We'll keep on looking while it's still light.
It was seven o'clock and just starting to get light.


a room that is light has plenty of light in it, especially from the sun [≠ dark]:
The kitchen was light and spacious.
The office was a big light room at the back of the house.

not heavy

not very heavy:
You can carry this bag - it's fairly light.
You should wear light, comfortable shoes.
The truck was quite light and easy to drive.
She was as light as a feather (=very light) to carry.
lighten, lightweight2

not great

if something is light, there is not very much of it or it is not very great [≠ heavy]:
Traffic is lighter before 8 a.m.
A light rain began to fall.
She was wearing only light make-up.
people who have suffered only light exposure to radiation


light clothes are thin and not very warm:
She took a light sweater in case the evening was cool.
a light summer coat


a light wind is blowing without much force [≠ strong]:
Leaves were blowing about in the light wind.
There was a light easterly breeze.


a light sound is very quiet [≠ loud]:
There was a light tap at the door.
Her voice was light and pleasant.


a light touch is gentle and soft:
She gave him a light kiss on the cheek.
He felt a light tap on his shoulder.


light work is not hard or tiring:
I found him some light work to do.
She only has a few light duties around the house.
The doctor has advised me to take regular light exercise.


a) DFDFD food or drink that is light either does not have a strong taste or does not make you feel full very quickly, for example because it does not contain very much fat, sugar, or alcohol [≠ rich]:
We had a light white wine with the fish.
a light, refreshing dessert
a new light cheese spread with virtually no fat
b) a light meal is a small meal [≠ big]:
I had a light lunch in town.
a delicious light snack
c) food that is light contains a lot of air:
a type of light, sweet bread
Beat the mixture until it is light and fluffy.


a light punishment is not very severe [≠ harsh]:
a fairly light sentence

a light smoker/drinker/eater etc

someone who does not smoke etc very much

light sleep/doze

a sleep from which you wake up easily:
I fell into a light sleep.

a light sleeper

someone who wakes up easily if there is any noise etc:
She's quite a light sleeper.

not serious

not serious in meaning, style, or manner, and only intended to entertain people:
His speech gradually became lighter in tone.
an evening of light music
It's a really good book if you want a bit of light reading.
The show looks at some of the lighter moments from the world of politics.

light relief

something that is pleasant and amusing after something sad or serious:
I'm glad you've arrived - we could all do with a little light relief!

make light of something

to joke about something or treat it as not being very serious, especially when it is important:
She tried to make light of the situation, but I could tell that she was worried.

on a lighter note/in a lighter vein

used when you are going to say something less sad or serious:
On a lighter note, the concert raised over £300 for school funds.

make light work of something

to do something or deal with something quickly and easily:
A freezer and microwave oven can make light work of cooking.

be light on your feet

to be able to move quickly and gracefully:
She's very agile and light on her feet.

a light heart

literary someone who has a light heart feels happy and not worried:
I set off for work with a light heart.


TAS light soil is easy to break into small pieces [≠ heavy]:
Carrots grow well in light soils.
lightness noun [uncountable]
a lightness of touch

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