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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmargarinemar‧ga‧rine /ˌmɑːdʒəˈriːn, ˌmɑːɡə- $ ˈmɑːrdʒərɪn/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  DFa yellow substance similar to butter but made from vegetable or animal fats, which you eat with bread or use for cooking
Examples from the Corpus
margarineOnce again I scraped them off and placed them in a margarine tub.He's planted fields full of sunflowers - the oil from the seeds will be made into margarine.He scanned the newsprint greedily while his teeth sank into the bacon sandwich, the melted margarine dribbling over his fingers.Have plenty of butter or margarine ready.Cream sugar and cup softened margarine until light and fluffy.Add the margarine or butter and rub in with your hands or blend for a few seconds.In a large bowl, lightly cream together the margarine and sugar.Or how you should never, ever use lower-fat tub margarine for baking.