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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmealtimemeal‧time /ˈmiːltaɪm/ noun [countable, uncountable]  DFa time during the day when you have a mealat mealtimes The only time I see the boys is at mealtimes.
Examples from the Corpus
mealtimeFor some families, conversations center around mealtimes.Encourage anyone who wishes to help at mealtimes.The greatest risk of conflict is at mealtimes.Once we were harangued to eat protein, and heaven help the poor water buffalo who ambled past me at mealtime.At mealtimes, the campers gather in a large dining hall.At every mealtime there was food on the table.Emotional nurturing may occur at family mealtime, snacks after school, or with notes tucked into lunchboxes.Try to keep mealtimes positive and relaxed and don't waste time and energy forcing your child to eat.Aim to make mealtimes and refreshment breaks social occasions.at mealtimesDurkheim was a very austere man who led a rigidly timetabled existence and refused to talk to his family except at mealtimes.Encourage anyone who wishes to help at mealtimes.It was his idea that they should-read his books together and then discuss van der Post's mystical ideas at mealtimes.The greatest risk of conflict is at mealtimes.One would stand on a chair and cut a piece off at mealtimes.She saw her uncle only at mealtimes but his presence, brooding and oppressive, filled the house.Beer, wine, sake or other alcoholic beverages should be consumed only in moderation, preferably at mealtimes.Do make sure you stick to the quantities I have specified at mealtimes.